Must-Have Pickleball Accessories

Must-Have Pickleball Accessories

2020 Aug 21st

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Pickleball paddles often capture the spotlight, but it’s the accessories that complete the puzzle of how to play anywhere instantly. Use this list of must-have pickleball accessories to make sure you never miss a game!

ONIX Backpack – If you go to any court during pickleball tournaments, you’ll see this backpack everywhere. This backpack is specifically designed to carry pickleball paddles, pickleballs, gear, shoes, and water bottles in its five zippered pockets and storage areas. Your equipment stays cool, safe, and secure during travel. The backpack also is designed to sit upright – perfect for easy unpacking and packing.

Pickleballs – Always show up prepared with spare pickleballs in hand. At ONIX, we offer a variety of pickleball styles including the DURA Fast 40Pure 2 Outdoor, Fuse G-2 Outdoor, and Fuse Indoor balls. Our newest addition, the DURA ball, is the ball used in more pro tournaments than any other pickleball.

2-in-1 Portable Net – With this 2-in-1 pickleball net, you gain the ability to play pickleball anytime, anywhere. The first net is a USAPA regulation size net which is perfect for gyms, the local park, or even your driveway. A 10’ long mini net is also included for warmups, quick practice, and drills. Pack both up in a wheeled travel bag when you are done playing!

Portable Net Weights – Our portable net weights keep your portable net secure and stationary. The interlocking design easily installs onto the net legs with no mess or hassle using sandbags or water. The set provides 30 lbs. of weight to the frame to keep you playing.

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